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Darryl Rosen is the founder and chief retirement strategist at Retirement Info Chicago. A lifetime Chicagoan and former, somewhat competitive, but now washed up marathon runner, Darryl uses his experiences as a former CPA, a successful business owner, a noted retirement strategist and a runner to help people plan for and achieve peace of mind in retirement.

He's also the undisputed and most world-renown expert on SECURiMENT, a word he created and uses to simplify the retirement planning process. Though he has created his own word, and people actually appreciate the concept, his children (and wife) are not even remotely impressed. Learn more here

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Welcome to MYSECURiMENT.com

The SECURiMENT Method is an innovative retirement planning framework that flips the script on traditional retirement  planning.

Too many Americans go about retirement planning backwards. We start with the financial decisions and hope the dream works out. The problem is, conflicting and overwhelming retirement advice causes most people to throw up their hands and do absolutely nothing.

The SECURiMENT method creates an incentive to take action. This approach creates a simple path forward demystifies retirement planning, reduces anxiety and kicks financial stress to the curb.


SECURiMENT is  the feeling of tranquility in retirement. Of peace of mind. Of Safety. Of financial wellness! 


SECURiMENT is the opposite of imprisonment. (Being on the outside looking in and spending your leisure years wondering what could have been...)

SECURiMENT is YOU not shouldering ALL the risks of creating a happy retirement. It’s not outliving your money. It’s having some guarantees, other than just death and taxes. It’s ignoring the daily ups and down of your investments. It’s discussing where to have dinner, rather than deciding your financial future. 

SECURiMENT is always, always operating from a position of strength!

What is the SECURiMENT
Retirement Planning Method?

The SECURiMENT Method is a holistic planning process that CRUSHES the stress, worry and anxiety you feel about retirement.

The SECURiMENT wheel guides the entire planning process. If you think it resembles a target you are correct. SECURiMENT exists at the intersection of the 3 critical variables. Income planning, Investment volatility management and Cash Efficiency. You achieve SECURIMENT by aiming at the bulls eye! 

So, what’s it going to be...

Imprisonment or SECURIMENT?

(The choice is yours)

Studies show that healthy people generally prepare for an active — and lengthy — retirement while people in poor health may be less concerned about longevity. I agree and will take it one step further. People who actively prepare a retirement plan and take steps to increase their income, manage volatility and handle risks that might affect their cash flow, live longer and are happier. That's the whole objective of the SECURiMENT retirement planning process!

Does taking control of your financial future seem like the right move?

Take action today by scheduling a SECURiMENT review.

  But don’t delay because you’re not getting any younger... 

Learn about the SECURiMENT review